życie jest dobre (Life is Good)

I had no idea Scott had gotten injured or what classes he was taking. I am glad to hear that Hollie, Matt, Kieran, and Cady are doing well. And I’m happy to hear that Josh has some good friends to hang out with. That really is so important. I’m sorry to hear about Brother Milner. That is really tragic. I am so grateful that they know about the Plan of Salvation, that we can be reunited as a family. That is one of the greatest rewards we’re all working towards.

I don’t think I mentioned Andrzej before. About a month ago, we were doing a white board and I stopped a lot of people. One person I talked to was named Andrzej. I only talked to him for a few minutes. Told him about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. He didn’t want to take a copy of the Book of Mormon because he didn’t have a bag to carry it home in, doesn’t have a phone so he couldn’t give me his number, and because of an irregular work schedule didn’t want to set up a meeting. To be honest, I thought I’d never see him again, and that he was just nicely rejecting me. But a few days later he called and asked if we could meet.  He was the beginning of the week of miracles I talked about in January. We invited him to prepare for baptism on the first meeting and he accepted. He is probably one of the nicest men I’ve ever met. So full of faith and a desire to do the right thing. He quite smoking in less that a week and never looked back. We visited with him and his sister and her husband- he has a wonderful family who is super supportive, and this Saturday I got to attend his baptism! It was such a great day. I could literally see the changes in him as we met with him each day.    It is amazing to see the Atonement work in someone’s life so apparently.

Who else are we teaching. We are teaching the mother of a YSA in the branch. He is really funny and good friends with the missionaries, so we know him pretty well, but I don’t think he knew that his mom was meeting with us. Haha. Then one day we decided to invite both of them to have lunch with us and a senior missionary couple- The Hardings. It was really fun and he was really suprised. Her name is Anna and she is just great. I have a testimony of the spirit being felt at church. When her son joined the church I think she expected it to be a phase that he went through, but she came with him sometimes. I really believe it is through the joy and love she’s felt at church that her heart was softened and she was ready to accept the gospel. She is so sensitive to the spirit when we teach, it is the highlight of my week when we meet.

You asked what we learn at the leadership training conference- we talk about mission goals and how we’re going to achieve them. We’re focusing on really applying the advice we received from Elder Kopishke when he was here a few months ago. We’re already really seeing a lot more success. So it’s great.

Things we can’t get here- Reeses, good salsa, ranch, brown sugar, cake mix, ball point pens- the really cheap kinds.

Love you, hope you feel better mom.
Sister Allen


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