Training new senior companions

Gotta Eat right!!!  She goes out alot.

Hey Family and Friends-
I had the most amazing experience this week. I have seen miracles happen!   I swear, I didn’t do much different this week, nor was it the week where I felt like I did everything perfectly. On the contrary, there is so much that I still am working on. The Standard of Excellence are goals set by the mission president for companions to work towards and stretch themselves. They include everything from how many Book of Mormons you hand out to how many new investigators you gain. It’s a great compass for us to keep balanced and not spend all our time hanging out with new converts or just tracting. Ideally there is a little bit of everything. And we reached the goal in all 9 areas this week!
Here are just a few of the miracles I witnessed this week-
The 2 people who now have baptismal dates— they told us they wanted to meet and we just followed through and invited them to set a date and they did.  
Member referrals- The woman who gave us two referrals. We only met with her because I accidentally called the wrong number on the branch list. I really don’t think it was an accident.
Book of Mormons- we placed 4 in less that 30 minutes last night on a White Board. My trainee placed one by her self in Polish! And I just walked up to two guys and told them what the Book of Mormon was in 3 sentences and asked them if they would be interested in reading it and they said yes. And then they brought their friend over and he wanted one too. It was insane!
And the member lesson- it was the last thing we needed and none of our investigators were available. At 6:45 pm we ran back to our apartment and just started calling potentials that we had never met with before. One of them said they could meet.  There was a branch member who is unbelievably supportive and came on the lesson with us in an hours notice.
I really feel like I did nothing, but the Principle I learned was this: we are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. Just do everything that you have been asked to do, and expect miracles.

Sister Leppanen and I are so grateful to be the recipients of so many amazing blessings. We both have felt hounded with thoughts of inadequecy and frustration this week and I will testify that the mission challenge of reading the Book of Mormon together right now is the only thing that has gotten me through. Each morning when I open my Book of Mormon I can literally feel my power and strength to withstand all those thoughts increasing. I don’t think I could do missionary work without that time everyday. If nothing else, I have come to love the Book of Mormon on my mission like I never imagined possible. 

Oh the referral that Sister O’Brien gave me. We went and found the address. But they don’t live there. Could you have them double check the address or maybe give me a phone number or e-mail so I can ask them where they live. And tell them they should definitely come here. It is so amazing. I swear Poland has hidden treasures. No one ever thinks to visit Poland, but it is beautiful and there is soooo much history.

I’m glad you all finally got your Christmas presents. And tell Josh GREAT! JOB! for me. I’ll have to see him play next year when I get back. Sounds like he’s doing great. I’m so happy.

I love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers and unending support. I read Elder Hollands conference talk again this week and thought of you all. Thank you for everything you do.

Until next week.
Sister Allen


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