New Companion

Cześć wam-
I LOVE my new companion! Her name is Siostra Leppanen and she is from Helsinki. She speaks Finnish, Swedish, English and Polish. Luckily I speak two of those languages, kind of. She is really cute and has a wonderful testimony of the gospel. She loves the Book of Mormon and has so much fire for the work.

Miracle story of the week. The first day we tracted, someone let us in. Just to illustrate how amazing that is, I didn’t get invited in once, while tracting during my first transfer.

It was a nice Ukranian woman, which made communication interesting, but she said we could come back later this week. This is going to be such an amazing transfer! Right now I feel like I’m just swimming in the blessings. Heavenly Father qualifies who he calls, and I feel like he is giving me the strength and abilities to be the kind of missionary I need to be. The gift of tongues is so real. I am able to put more sentences together and understand so much more than I every was able to before. I know that there are going to be challenging and frustrating times in the next weeks, but right now I’m so grateful for how much fun we’re having trying to speak Polish and do missionary work.

Yes I got the Christmas package and it changed my life. Those socks are soooooooooo warm. Instead of wearing 3 pairs of normal socks, I can just wear those and be fine. And the gloves are super warm too. Now my hands don’t freeze when we’re street contacting and I have to have my hands out of my pockets because it’s bad form to talk to someone with hands in your pockets. Dziękuję bardzo. Jesteś super!

It’s so weird that it’s January, a new year and that my birthday is around the corner. Mission time goes by really fast. The days seem long because they’re jam packed with things to do and places to be, but then the weeks and months speed passed. I’m glad to hear that all is well at home and that you had a good holiday.

Kocham was
Siostra Allen


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