Happy New Year!

Ok, business first. P-day is being moved to Mondays starting next week. Writing a missionary could become a fun Sunday tradition or something…

And the big transfer announcement is that I’m staying in South Warsaw again!!!! I’m really happy about this. I was not ready to leave the members or the people we’ve been teaching. I’m so excited to stay here and still help them progress in their faith in Jesus Christ. And I’m training. Which is a little overwhelming but I’m actually really excited. This means I get a brand new missionary fresh from the states… kind of.  Fresh from the states in the sense that she’s been at the Provo MTC for two months, but not fresh from the states really because she’s from Finland. Crazy. She’s going to be automatically awesome just by the mere fact that she’s Finnish. Anyway, I get to meet her tomorrow and then we can get to work.

But I want to add an addendum to this, don’t let this lead you to believe that I already speak Polish fluently or that I’m a rock star missionary who does everything perfectly. Those would both be false statements. I’m still learning so much everyday, and I’m sure the next two months will be a huge growing experience. But I’m going to work hard and do my best, relying on the Lord. It’s strange that I’ve been in the country 4 months and already a senior companion, but currently the Poland Warsaw Mission is what we call a very young mission. Meaning most of the missionaries are new missionaries. 90% of the mission has been here for less than a year and over 50% have been here less than 4 months.  So I’m actually already considered an old missionary. There aren’t many Sisters who have been here longer because 5 Sisters go home tomorrow. A little crazy, but that’s life. This is how it’s supposed to be.

Comments about the holidays:
I think “Holiday” should be translated “day of eating more food than is healthy” in polish. I feel like that’s all I did ALL weekend. Really good food and really interesting food. It was very satisfying and then it was more than satisfying. I don’t think I’ve eaten a lot for the last two days in an attempt to recover. But it was really fun. And I want to say thank you to Aunt Sherisse and Aunt Hedi and the Beehives and to you for the wonderful bundles of holiday love that everyone sent. They are more than appreciated. Thank you for thinking of me even though I’m so far away. I love you all.

I missed everyone, but your love and the love of members here in Poland was able to remember me that Christmas isn’t just about presents and singing fun songs while drinking hot chocolate- it’s celebrating the fact that Jesus Christ did come into the world. How wonderful is that? I am forever grateful. I know he was who he said he was. He is the Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, the Son of God. I have felt the effects of his Atonement in my life, his love and his peace. As we take the sacrament each week we promise to always remember him, or in other words, we promise to keep the true feelings of Christmas with us always- Peace on earth, good will to men. What a wonderful thing to be reminded of.   I always love the holidays, they are times to remember.

I love you all, it was great to hear from you too. I’ll be home before you know it, and until then, don’t worry about me too much. I’m being taken care of.   I’m safe and happy and loving this wonderful work.

Love you,

Siostra Allen

P.S. About the referral. I’m assuming that Tomasz is the son who lived in America and Dorota is his mother.   I’m super excited to go visit them.


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