Wesolych Swiat (Merry Christmas)

Hey all,

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas. It feels like I’ve been in Poland forever, and at the same time I feel like I’m just starting to figure out the basics of missionary work. I wonder if that will ever go away?

First things first- The Christmas phone call.
Yes- buy an international calling card, apparently that’s the best way.
Then dial:
+48 (country code) then ……. without the 22 before it. Because we’re a cell phone they don’t use the city code.
Call at 11:15 a.m. your time; 8:15 p.m. our time.
It can only be 40 minutes.
Hope that’s okay.

It was a great week. We had a Christmas Zone Conference and a temporary threesome with Sister Stay a brand new missionary. Her luggage got lost, so she stayed with us for three days while they recovered it. It was so much fun to have her with us.

You asked about my plans for Christmas. It’s going to be busy. In Poland “Wigilia” or Christmas Eve is the most important part of Christmas celebrations. There’s a big dinner with no meat and lots of fish and then you sit and sing and talk until midnight mass. We’re going to be going to a member’s house. I am SO excited. It’s going to be an authentic Polish Christmas. On Christmas day I think we’re going to go visit some single members who aren’t going to be able to spend Christmas with family. There’s a missionary lunch, then we’re going over to a Mongolian member’s house for dinner, followed by phone calls home. So you’ll be able to hear all about it when I talk to you.

Sister LeFevre has been teaching me Polish Christmas carols for the past month- we sing them at the beginning of companionship study. So now I love them! I heard music playing in a store today and started humming along just like I do with English carols. Yesterday we visited a family in our branch- Piotr and his two teen-aged daughters Ania and Asia. I love their family. Yesterday we took a couple minutes to sing carols together before the lesson with Piotr playing the guitar. Are missions supposed to be this fun?

Miracle of the week: Jakub, Kuba for short.
About a month ago we tracted a building near a members apartment we were going to visit. We knocked on a couple hundred doors but no one was interested. Fast forward to this Tuesday. We have a meeting with the same member but decide to contact for 30 minutes in her area before hand. We only stopped two people. The second person was Kuba. He recognized us from tracting his building and talked to us for 20 minutes. He didn’t take a Book of Mormon or give us his number which normally means we’ll never see the person again. But we gave him our flyer and told him that he could call if he ever wanted to meet and was always invited to church. Miracle of miracles, he called us (that never happens). We met with him. He felt the spirit testify that our message was true. He is such a nice and respectful man. I hope we’ll be able to teach him more when he gets back to Warsaw after the holidays.

Oh family. I love you all so much. I can’t really wrap my mind around the fact that I’m going to talk to you on Saturday. But I’m excited nonetheless. I have such a testimony of this work. I know it is where I need to be. I am humbled to be a part of Heavenly Father’s greater plan for us. He is our father. He loves us so much. He has beautiful things in our future if we will only trust him. The Book of Mormon is a gift from God that can bring us peace and happiness as we study it every day. It is so wonderful that I get to spend my days telling people about it and inviting them to read it. The most valuable present I received for Christmas was the conference ensign that you sent. As I have read from it each morning this week I have felt the prophetic power behind their words. How blessed we are to have a living prophet and apostles to help us make it through the trials and turbulence of life.

Once again, I love you. Thank you for all that you do to support me here. Wesołych Świąt! (merry christmas!)

Siostra Allen


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