one week before Christmas

Wow, I can’t believe it’s almost my birthday again. Weird As far as things I’d like- tights/socks if you didn’t send them for Christmas would be great. And some things I’ve really come to like are headbands and normal ball point pens (they sell a lot of ink pens here but I like the cheap ones better). And then just some homemade cookies or something fun like that. Whatever you have time to send would be fun to receive.
I sent you all a package for Christmas, let me know when you get it. (I’ve actually sent you a couple letters from Poland, have you received any of them?) Mail here isn’t quite reliable. But I think I got your package today. I got a package slip in the mailbox and we’ll go pick it up at the post office after grocery shopping. And say thank you to the ward young women. I got their Christmas package too. That is really so nice of them.
As far as cooking goes, we don’t have a lot of time to cook so everything we make is normally really simple. We’ll make pasta and sauce or rice and vegetables. If you have any good fast recipes please send them my way. I’d love a little variety.
So this week has been a really good one and also a difficult one. We’re working really hard right now to accomplish some goals by the end of the year. They are going to take a miracle so we’re pooling all the faith we have to work miracles. I know it’s possible, but I also know that there is opposition in all things. So when we’re showing faith and obedience and God is going to bless us because of it, obviously Satan doesn’t want anything like that to happen. Too bad this is the Lord’s work- we already know the outcome.
A popular finding technique in the Poland Warsaw Mission is White Boarding. I love WBing. You write something on a white board and try and stop people and get them to respond. Normally it’s a question. This week we decided to try something new in an attempt to follow counsel given by Elder Kopishke to testify of doctrine from your first sentence. We drew the Plan of Salvation and started asking people what it was. The first thing that you say in response to them is “God has a plan for us” It was sooooo amazing. Either people weren’t interested and you could ask the next person, or they responded to it and we just continued testifying. Better yet, when we briefly explained that we can learn more about the plan through the Book of Mormon a lot of people asked us where they could buy it, they wanted to read it. When we said that we could give it to them for free, they were happy to take it. This is so exciting for a missionary, because we know the amazing power of the Book of Mormon as a testimony of Jesus Christ. It really does change the lives of those who study it with faith and now more people have a copy.
 I love you all so much. I’ll have more for you next week when we can talk! Have a wonderful day.
Papa (Bye-bye),

Siostra Allen


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