Well, it’s been colder here than I’ve ever experienced, but suprisingly I’ve stayed pretty warm. I have a good coat, boots to help me trudge through the snow, and I layer like crazy. I bought a hat and sweater a few weeks ago and I can buy anything I really need here in Poland, so don’t worry that you didn’t have time to sew me anything for Christmas. I’m doing great. Transfers aren’t until the last week of December because we do 9 week transfers instead of 6 week transfers (Sister LeFevre goes home on the 30th) so if my package gets here by Christmas, it’ll come to the right place.
We do get to call on Christmas. Sister LeFevre tells me that last year they e-mailed their parents their phone number and set up the time. And then her family just called her. So definitely plan on calling me, but I’ll give you more details as I get them.
My apartment is a very nice apartment in comparison to a lot of the ones I’ve seen. It has a kitchen, bathroom (with a washer, small washer, in the bathroom), a living room with two comfy chairs that we try not to fall asleep in during study time, and a bedroom. It’s right off a major road in South Warsaw- Puławska, so there are lots of tall apartment building around and traffic going by and a tram line that we can see from our window. We put up our Christmas lights and Christmas tree in the window so that the world can see our Christmas spirit. And there is an ambulance unit on the bottom floor of our building- so we say hi to them when we walk past. You never have to worry about a medical emergency while I’m living here. They don’t really have central heating here. Some apartments only have warm pipes to heat them, but luckily ours has wall units in all the rooms so it stays pretty warm. I wear socks, but can wear a t-shirt quite easily.  It’s a great location because it’s near a tram stop, but also not too far from the metro. This was nice last monday during the blizzard when none of the tram lines were working and a lot of people had a hard time getting home. We were able to take the metro and then walk the rest of the way- 20 minute walk. So that’s nice. Warsaw is really condensed. It has just as many people as Las Vegas, but they all live in 1/8 of the space. Very few people live in homes. They live in tall concrete apartment buildings and use public transportation.
 It’s been a good week. The weather is a little hard for missionary work, people don’t like to come out in it. But we’re keeping our spirits up. We are staying obedient and warm and working hard. I feel like this week has been a real turning point for me. As we’re working I’m enjoying tracting and contacting and I’m actually understanding a lot more. I have so much more to learn, but I’m excited to be about the work. I dream about missionary work now. Crazy I know.
I’m so glad to hear that everyone is doing well. Josh- good luck at try-outs. I know you’ll do great. I love you all, and am again unfortunately out of time, but I’ll e-mail next week and then… we can call!
Love you,
Siostra Allen

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