Winter Wonderland

Hi family,

Last time I e-mailed you the weather was quite agreeable. It was chilly, but bearable. I wore a peacoat and a couple pairs of socks, that afternoon I thought it wise to buy a hat, but I still was quite warm. Well, yesterday night it started snowing. Not just a pretty dusting on the trees and window sills. No, it was a blizzard. And it kept blizzarding all day and into the night dropping at least a foot of snow on the country of Poland. It’s already to the top of my boots. So now Fall is over and it is officially Winter. I will probably see snow everyday for at least the next 3 months. How’s the weather in Vegas? Wait don’t tell me.

The nice thing about snow is it’s pretty. The empty trees are now full of snow and Sister LeFevre and I sang Christmas Carols to each other while we were tracting yesterday. This is my favorite time of year. I just can’t help myself from a kind of childish wonder and awe as we put up Christmas decorations, stare at the snow, wrap presents, celebrate with family and friends. It’s just such a happy time. And I love that all the happiness is centered around the Savior. I love 4th of July barbeque’s and Thanksgiving feasts, independence and gratitude are amazing things to celebrate… but Christmas is celebrating that all the centuries of prophecies were fulfilled with the birth of a child who was the Christ, who fulfilled his purpose in redeeming mankind, who gave us purpose and potential in life. So I’m excited that tomorrow is officially December.

This week was full. We had a Thanksgiving feast on Thursday with the Lewis’, an American family in our branch. It was some of the best food ever, and they packed our bags with leftovers, so we’ve eaten well all week. There was a baptism her in Warsaw, Eustace, Grant’s friend. It was a beautiful baptism, and they asked me to sing, so that was fun. Amra got to come too, which was great because she got to see what it looked like and get excited about her own baptism on the 18th of December! She is such a wonderful person. I can’t even imagine anyone more prepared for the gospel. One of my favorite things as a missionary is getting to hear people describe how they feel the spirit. A warm feeling in their heart, they are happy when they meet with us or are at church, things make sense. I’m so grateful I’ve had the blessing of teaching her.

I am so grateful to be here in Poland serving the Lord and for the many blessings and tender mercies he gives me each day. I know He is mindful of me and that this is His work. I finished the Book of Mormon today. I know it’s true, even more so now than when I started it. And I imagine that testimony will grow with each other time I read it throughout my life.

I love you all. Stay warm and stay same.

Siostra Allen

P.S. The senior missionaries in the office have a blog and I know there are a couple pictures of my on there. Just so you know:


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