Good Week in Poland

Hi Mom and everyone-

It’s been a good week. President Nielson has asked us to set a mission goal of at least one lesson every day. Here in Warsaw, this isn’t too bad, I know it is probably more difficult in the smaller branches. If we can’t get an appointment with an investigator then we visit a member. So it has been fun to teach a little bit more and get to know some of the members better. 

Also, Scott asked me about some of the people I was teaching, so I thought I would share what I told him:

We have one girl named Amra who moved here from Mongolia. She is studying (in Polish) here and met a member of the church who is also from Mongolia at school. Apparently she was over at this Mongolian family’s house during General Conference and really wanted to start coming to church with them. We met her the next Sunday and now we’ve been teaching her. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met. So kind to everyone around her and willing to help. When we taught her how to pray and asked her to pray we told her she could do it in Mongolian (since that is her native language) and so I can say I’ve heard a prayer in Mongolian on my mission in Poland. Actually I serve in the International branch in Warsaw. So I’ve heard prayers in Mongolian, French, Polish, English, and Spanish already. I’ve also heard a Nigerian member read the Book of Mormon in Igbo and yesterday I heard a member from Uganda speaking Luganda. All their languages are so cool. 

There is also a man that I met on the street over a month ago. We talked about the Book of Mormon and prophets. I remember him being really patient with my limited language abilities, and interested in reading the Book of Mormon and learning more. So I gave him the Book of Mormon and he gave me his number so we could meet again! That’s gold. We set up to meet multiple times but he always had to cancel last minute. We just figured he was being nice but wasn’t too interested. But this week we decided to call him again just to see if he had time. We finally got to meet with him. In polish there are two forms of a verb. One is for actions that are not complete. For instance czytać means I’m reading, but I’ve just read a little, or I’m in the middle. And then there is a form that is for completed actions. For example, przeczytać. You use this when you’ve completed reading something. He said that he przeczytać-ed the Book of Mormon! You could tell that his copy was used too. It was a good lesson and when he prayed he asked that we would be able to meet again. He’s still really busy, but hopefully we can find a time to meet soon.)

Love you all so much,
Sister Allen


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