Open House at Chapel
during Halloween
Yummy Polish Food
Transit system – Bus
Transit system – subway
My second transfer has begun. It feels a lot like the last one, except I understand a little more Polish and have gotten over a lot of the culture shock. So far, so good.
Surprisingly it hasn’t snowed here quite yet. We were freezing earlier, but yesterday was beautiful. We had an open house at the chapel in Warsaw (the only real chapel in Poland- all the others are rented offices in buildings) because it was The Day of the Dead here.
They really celebrate this holiday. It’s just as big as Thanksgiving in the states. Everyone goes with their families to the cemeteries to put flowers and candles on the graves and remember the people who they’ve lost. There are many cemeteries near the chapel; so all day people were walking passed and we invited them to come in and see what our church was like on the inside. I was exhausted by the end of the day. But it was a really cool event. We had free tea (Fruit tea) and cookies at the end of the tour, and I was surprised because many of the people declined the offer of food, but were happy to take a copy of the Book of Mormon on their way out. They wanted to read the Book of Mormon more than cookies!!! That’s an awesome start. It was also cool because the holiday is so family oriented and there were a lot of young families that came in and did the tour. It is difficult to teach whole families together. You meet one member of a family on the street and only teach them. Or you tract during the day, but not everyone is home. Most members of the church here are the only members in their families. So it was really cool to get whole families there learning together.
We went in the evening to two cemeteries. During the weekend family members had visited every single grave and left flowers and candles on them. We went to the big cemetery were there are a lot of famous people buried and some of them had 50 or so candles piled on top of and around the graves. At the Wola cemetery right next to the chapel there were hundreds of candles at one monument. Soooo cool. They have a lot of respect for their dead here. Their cemeteries are impressive, especially on November 1st.
That’s about it for me. It’s been a great week and I’m excited to be working here. Poland is the coolest place ever! Love you all.
Siostra Allen

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