1st Transfer

So transfers are on Thursday and we just found out….

Drum roll…

I’m …

staying in Warsaw II with Sister LeFevre!

I am super excited. I’ve come to love Warsaw and settle into the routine of missionary work and how to do it. I’m excited to work hard and learn even more this transfer. I love the members here, so I’m very glad that I don’t have to say goodbye to them and were hoping to start teaching a couple of people that are really cool. Sister LeFevre is an awesome missionary and I’m grateful that I get a couple more months to glean a bit more of her wisdom.

They are moving the mission office this week. I’m sure I would eventually get anything you sent, but I’m not sure when. So if you want to send anything send it to:
Puławska 120-124 m. 58
Warszawa 02-620

The new office address is:
Polska Warszawska Misja
ul. Wiertnicza 135, I Piętro
02-952 Warszawa

I’m glad that you had a great weekend and that Josh taught an awesome FHE lesson. He is such a cool person. I can’t wait to see how grown up he is when I get back. And you can inform him that placek means “pie” in polish. You pronounce it plah-ts-ehk.

I haven’t purchased any boots yet, but I’ve been looking around. I want to get good ones. And I’m inheriting a coat from one of the other sisters so I don’t have to buy one.  Don’t you worry, I’ve actually started adjusting to the cold. The first few weeks were really hard and I was terrified that it was just going to get worse. But if I layer, I’m perfectly fine. For now, at least. I’ve been warned about the winter here. Oh well, we’ll survive.

They don’t celebrate Halloween in Poland, but November 1st is a Catholic holiday that is huge here called day of the dead. People in Poland take amazing care of their dead. Their cemetaries are always very well taken care of and have fresh flowers on every grave. Multiply this 10x for November 1st. Everyone goes to the cemetery. I’m really excited to experience it. Plus we’re having an open house at the North Chapel that I get to help with. We’re going to have fruit tea (not against the word of wisdom) and cookies and give tours with members in each room explaining what Relief Society and Primary are etc. I’ll tell you how it goes next week.

This week has been wonderful. Sławek was baptized on Saturday with two other people. Grant who I’ve already told you about and a woman named Alicja who has to travel an hour and a half to get to church every week but is so excited about the gospel. She had already been reading in the Book of Mormon before the missionaries started meeting with her. So cool. I know that all three of these people were prepared to receive the gospel.

Out of time. Love you.
Have a great week and say hi to everyone for me.


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