Missionary Choir that sang at the Baptism

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for the packages. I got them yesterday and they brightened my day. I can’t wait to dig into the salsa tonight and the t-shirt you sent is possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever owned. And it fits too, normally touristy things don’t fit very well. And I’ve already started looking at the grammar book exercises. They are soooo good. I think I’m already speaking better Polish. So thank you for being so thoughtful.

Vacation! I’m glad you all enjoyed Tuscon. Maybe you’ll all be moved down there by the time I get back. Just kidding. Unless you want to. But I’m glad that it went well and Dad said that he and Josh had fun while you were in rehearsals. So that’s cool that they got to spend some time together.

I think you already presented at the YW thing, but the idea for talking about the 13th article of faith as “We believe”, “We follow”, We Seek is brilliant. I hope everything went well with it. And your talk sounds super interesting. There are different connotations with the word citizen as opposed to member. Tell me how it goes. Tell Aunt Julie that I’ll write her, but it”ll have to wait until next week because it’s almost 6:00 which is when P-day ends.

Today was fun. For P-day we took a train to a city south of Warsaw called Lublin. We met the Elders that are serving there (the city is technically in our district and yet it was a 3 hour train ride) and then we went to Majdonek a concentration camp there. The time we spent in the camp wasn’t necessarily fun it was sobering  and haunting. I’ve seen pictures of concentration camps and now I’ve been there, and yet I still can’t wrap my mind around that kind of cruelty. As I stood in front of the gas chambers I tried to tell myself that thousands of people died in the very room I was looking at. I know that it happened, but I just couldn’t comprehend it. I’m glad that they still have well maintained camps. We need to remember, because if we remember we will not repeat.
So that was a good experience, but not necessarily fun. But the time on the train and at the Kebab restaurant were great. All 6 of the proselyting missionaries in Warsaw (Me and Sis. LeFevre, Sis Brown and Sis Spear. and then Elder Plumb and Elder Curtis) went, so it was a party.

Ok, what’s new in the mission field here. Well we had wonderful baptisms on Saturday. And we’re preparing an investigator (Sławek) to get baptized this weekend. He is such a nice and humble man. I love seeing him really understand and apply the gospel. He doesn’t just come in and say, sorry I didn’t have time to read the scriptures in the last couple of days. He comes in with questions about his reading. He is going to be a wonderful member and I’m grateful for the small role I’ve been able to play in him learning about the church.

Sunday was fun because a ton of investigators came to church. There were 11 non-members in our branch! That’s more than 2 per missionary. I work in the primary (which is so much fun) so I didn’t get to spend a ton of time with all of them, but it was wonderful to see people who recognized that there is something special there, because it is special in a way that is unique from other churches. And I love our members. They are the most loving and service oriented people I’ve ever met. Missionary work is wonderful because we get to work with them.

Pop Polish Culture of the Week- They have tons of pizza here, but they eat it a little bit differently. There is a crust with cheese and toppings, but you put the sauce on top. It comes in it’s own container (Marinara and a White sauce that isn’t Alfredo but is pretty good) and then you put it on top or dip it. Sister Prichet taught me that if you mix the two sauces together it’s the best.

So transfers are next week. Weird. My first transfer in the country cannot be almost over. I refuse to believe it. That means that next Thursday the 28th I might be staying here, and I might be in another Polish city. I think we’ll know before next Tuesday so I can tell you in my e-mail where I’ll be going. You can send anything to the office still because I’ll get it at Zone Conference. Or you can wait until I know my new address (if I have a new one) and send it there. Transfers are kind of nerve racking. I think they actually expect me to hold my own after this. But Sister LeFevre is amazing and has taught me so much. And with the Lord’s help I can move mountains so why not speak Polish and find people who want to hear the gospel and teach them with the spirit?

P.S. To a miss Jessie Hawkes. I have information that you have a mission call although the location is still unknown to me. Would you be so kind as to forward me your mission address via Dear Elder so I can write you.
P.P.S. I am SOOOOOOOOO excited for you. That’s awesome!!! You’re going to be such a wonderful missionary!


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