Wow, busy week. Susan was baptised on Saturday. However she has a very interesting story. You see, the sister missionaries have been meeting with her as a member of the branch for over a year now, and then finally someone realized that she wasn’t on the branch list. She joined the church 18 years ago, but no one can remember and there are no records even in Salt Lake, so we made it official…again. But she made the decision a week ago today, so it was a little stressful to organize everything. Normally there is a little more time with investigators. 

District Conference was wonderful. They called members of a district council (which is like a high council or a district) for the first time here in Poland as well as counselors for the District President. I think this will be good, because there are so many wonderful members here, it will distribute the responsibility among them. As we spent two days with members from all over northern Poland I was again astounded with their dedication and faith. Most of the active members have 2 or 3 callings… sometimes 7. New members are called to be in the RS Presidency as Executive Secretary etc. And they serve and work to build zion. If anyone can succeed in building Zion here, I know it’s them. We’re just called to be their full time assistants in the work. 

I’m trying to think of anything exciting this week besides conference and the baptism. I guess only that we’ve been teaching people. For the last month no one has wanted to meet with us. Investigators have fallen off the face of the planet and people who say they are interested don’t answer their phone. Then, one day you turn around and you’re teaching new people and you have an investigator with a baptismal date! Grant, the Nigerian I told you about in my first e-mail is getting baptized on Saturday. He’s being taught by the other sisters, but we went on splits on Saturday and I got to be on a lesson with him. He is awesome! I know he has been prepared to recieve the gospel, and the prayer he gave at the end of the lesson was probably one of the most sincere prayers I’ve ever heard. His faith and desire to follow Christ are wonderful. The other Warsaw sisters have also been teaching a man named Sławek. They found out that he’s actually living in our area and so we started teaching him on Saturday/Monday. He’s planning to get baptized in two weeks! He is a super nice man who is kind of shy and quiet, but is excited about the gospel. Yeah, those aren’t even the only baptisms happening. We have seven planned for this Saturday alone. Miracles are happening in this country, and it’s all because of the faith of the members and missionaries here. 

Ok, I’ve been slacking on my Polish random cultural knowledge. So here you go: everyone in Poland is named after a Catholic Saint- so they have their birthday and their Saint’s Day. Not such a bad idea, right? Well some of them can be kind of weird names, so the normal ones get used a lot. Asia (Asha), Ania, Jan (John), Łukasz (Lukas) etc. 

Language mishap of the week: This needs to be prefaced by the fact that the first line in the first lesson that we teach to investigators is- God is our loving Heavenly Father (Bóg jest naszym ojcem niebieskim). Well I’m praying in District Meeting and saying how grateful we are to know that Christ is our savior and my mind thought it knew what I was going to say when I started “jest naszym (is our)” and I was preaching false doctrine basically. Istead of Savior I said Father in Heaven. Oops. I’m really grateful the other missionaries held in their laughter during the prayer. )

I haven’t received your packages yet. It takes a little while I think. But I generally get things pretty soon after they arrive at the office- benefits of being in Warsaw. And I know sometimes it’s hard to know what to send that would be appreciated and needed so here are some suggestions: 
Stationary- the stationary you sent was so awesome! They don’t really sell stationary in packages here and sometimes you just need to write a note to members that help with something or investigators etc. 
Conference Ensign in English- we’ll get one in our apartment, but I like to write in mine. 
American Cold Medicine (they do have cough drops here, but US cough syrup is better)
Handwarmers- I think I might have already asked for these last two, but just in case I had forgotten…
Love from Polska,
Sister Allen


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