I was just thinking about that plaque and the fact that I’ve now procrastinated finding a scripture for 5 months. Believe it or not I have thought about this and narrowed it down to 15 scriptures. I only have my Polish scriptures with me so I’m trying to find one that I like while translating… Mormon 9: 15-20. I don’t know which verses would be best to fit on the plaque, but I know that this is the section that talks about miracles continuing in our day. If you could read through them and pull out 1 or 2 applicaple verses to tell him, thank you so much. This is a land of miracles waiting for people to have the faith for them to happen. 
As far as my life goes, I’m doing well. This work is pushing me and stretching me in new ways. This is both good and slightly uncomfortable. My comfort zone is 1000 miles away, quite literally.   But this has forced me to rely on the Lord in everything I do and everything I learn. We really can do hard things, like the relief society talk from a few conferences ago says. In fact, hard things are what prepare us to become the people we want to become. I jokingly like to think that this statement should be amended to read, “I can do awkward things”. Missionary work is all about awkwardness. You just stop people on the street and ask them if they believe in God- super awkward. Even more so when you have to cross a big sidewalk to contact the person you want. Then you graduate from that and start talking to people who are walking in front of you, so you have to naturally stop them from behind- awkward. Then there’s talking to the person sitting next to you on a bus or metro. Sometimes you have to talk really loud over the sound of the engine which is awkward. Even more so on the tramwej where they’re sitting behind you or standing up. So you turn around in your seat in order to start a conversation. I have now realized why returned missionaries are so awkward. It’s their life for two years. )
Well, out of time, but I love you so much and can’t wait to hear about your concert. Say hi to the boys for me. 
P.S. In subsequent packages, I’ve heard that handwarmers are AMAZING in the winter.



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