Mailing information: Don’t use pouch mail unless you’re going through Dear Elder. If you use Dear Elder it is free for Poland (isn’t that cool) but if you aren’t, they have the one page rule which is annoying. You can just send regular mail to the mission home through the postal service.

Sister Tracy Allen
Poland Warsaw Mission
ul.Potcznska 50/5
01-337 Warsaw

My P-day is once again on Tuesday. This morning we did our scripture study and then went to the other Sister’s apartment to make pancakes. It was way fun. I think later we’re going to go to a museum.

I have discovered that I am overall a much happier person when I’m wearing wool tights. It’s been really cold here all week and so I broke down and pulled the wool tights out. Life has been much more enjoyable since then. So if you’re curious about what to send for Christmas… hint hint.

The work has been a little frustrating with a lot of our investigators and potential investigators on extended vacations and then coming back and being really busy with the start of school and work etc. Hopefully it’ll pick up a little bit in the coming week. We sure hope so. But we’re working hard anyway with visits to less actives, new converts, and lots and lots of contacting. And I did finally get to teach my first investigator lesson.I have documented evidence of the first building I tracked! It will certainly not be the last. But it’s super fun and I’m understanding a lot more now. After we talk to a person Sister LeFevre will summarize a couple of things, and I’ll have picked up a lot of it. Granted, a lot of that is from her answers. It’s a lot easier to understand missionaries than natives. But I LOVE the members here! They are so patient with the missionaries and so stalwart in their faith. Almost every member here is a convert! But they love the gospel and embrace the church when they convert.

Some cool stuff about Poland:
They have awesome public transportation here- they have one metro line that goes through Centrum with a second one under construction. They have tramwejs (kind of like trolleys) throughout the whole city. And then they have buses. So we can get anywhere we need to with that. Sometimes it takes a little while and we have to go a round about way. But we can get there.

The people here are super courteous. Everyday I see someone give up their seat on the bus to an elderly person. If you shake someone’s hand while they’re sitting down they’ll half stand up out of courtesy to you. And if you talk to someone, they will take their hands out of their pockets- even in the middle of winter- even just to say good morning.

You can really see the effects of communism. Their buildings are big concrete blocks. But they’re in the process of beautifying them with paint and you can see flowers overflowing off of a lot of their balconies. “Remont” or remodeling is really big here. When they can, the people are really eager to improve what they have. Something interesting to me is that you can own your own apartment. Most people here live in apartments and instead of one person owning the whole building, the individual apartments are owned. But another effect of communism is that people are really protective against outsiders. There is a dom-a phone on the outside of a building so that you have to call in to get them to unlock the door. Then in some buildings there’s another one on hall and then the doorbell once you’re in the hall. It makes tracting pretty exciting when you have to go to so much trouble just to get to someone’s door.

Well, there will have to be more later because I’m out of time. Hopefully next week I can tell you about the awesome members I’m getting to know and the investigators I’m teaching.

I love you all so much and love hearing from you. Have a great week.


P.S. Look up Mika, she won the Polish grammy this year and I met her and her sister on a tramwej. Tell me what you think)


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