7th week in MTC

It’s been a crazy week. We’re all really feeling the pressure to be prepared for Poland in a few short weeks. I had a nightmare last week that I had just gotten off stage from a great performance with the choir and then my teachers were there quizzing me on Polish vocab and grammar rules. Needless to say, I’ve been a little anxious. But between Sister Bailey, and lessons from Preach My Gospel, and letters from missionaries in Poland (I’ll talk about this in a second) I am so excited! Last night I couldn’t sleep because I was imagining what my first day in Poland would be like contacting people in Warsaw and testifying of the Book of Mormon and that the church was true- it really is amazing how much I can already say. Nothing complex and I forget half of the vocab I’ve learned, but I can say the things that matter. I seriously can’t wait. Two weeks and counting.
Polish fact of the week: Every city has something called a rynek (pronounced ri (like the beginning of the word ridge) neck) which is a central square with shops and stuff. This is where we will be doing our contacting the first day!
More news from the MTC:
I mentioned Starszy Oborn before, the elder who had surgery for a collapsed lung. He’s doing so well and might even be able to go to Poland with us in 2 weeks. I have truly seen him healed before my eyes. Everyday there is a miracle in our lives, if we look for it we will find it.
Thursday we taught Staśa (? spelling) who is a native Pole for our TRC. Our lesson went pretty well, but what was cool was that afterward we started talking for 5-10 minutes in POLISH! I had a conversation with a polish person! My red hair reminds her of Anne of Green Gables which apparently has been on television on Fridays and Saturdays. Cool huh? Well, now we’re getting ready to teach the second lesson on the plan of salvation this Thursday. Pray for me.
Yesterday we got a letter from the four sisters who are serving in Warsaw. It was such a tender mercy to hear from them and know that I would see them when I got there. That they will be standing next to me as I stumble through Polish. They seem so nice and their pictures made me so excited to get there and get to work.
Rachel asked me what Polish words I’ve learned lately so I’ll give you a summary of some of the words I learned yesterday. We learned some important adj. and adv. like wet, dry , fast, loud, etc. Quantifiers like a little, every, a lot, etc. Family names like aunt and uncle and cousin. And then A LOT of lesson vocab for the Plan of Salvation. So I know that “Upadek Adama i Ewa” means the fall of Adam and Eve and “owoc zakazany” means forbidden fruit. We have some computer programs that are really helpful in facilitating our learning vocab, but I also like to draw pictures that remind me of the word. Sometimes they’re really funny neumonic devices (my favorite from yesterday is that mięnki means soft and sounds a little bit like “my blanky”) and sometimes they’re literal depictions. You might get some of my funny stick figure pictures in an upcoming letter along with a memory card full of well, Sister Bailey and the Elders and me goofing off. It’s no fun to take pictures when we’re working diligently, which I assure you is most of the time.)
I love you all soooo much and appreciate your support and everything you’ve taught me over the years. I know that if it weren’t for you I would not be the missionary I am today. I love you and pray for you daily. Thanks for all you do.
Siostra Allen
P.S. It’s such a small world. Aunt Julie knows a sister missionary who is in Uncle John’s stake who came in on Wednesday and said, she was to “look out for Julie’s niece”. Lo and behold she is my roommate. Tell them that Sister Jurgens says “Hi”.

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