6th week in MTC


(I can’t believe it’s P-day again. This week has gone by so fast. The realization that we will be IN POLAND in just a few short weeks is starting to set in and our studying has become more intense and focused. Sister Bailey and I have learned so much about how to make our planning and study time more effective. Rather than being general about the things we want to work on, at night when we are planning for the following day we say exactly what we’re going to memorize (vocab on page 7 or the endings for this case) and what time we’re going to do it. This has literally been a revelation to us. I’ve seen progress and blessings that would not have happened otherwise. Like the fact that we taught an entire Polish lesson on Thursday. It wasn’t eloquent or compex but we’ve discovered that sincerity and love and music (Sister Bailey and I sang I am a child of God to them in Polish at the beginning of the lesson and it was so calming and peaceful) are spoken in every language. That’s what I’m counting on for the next few months, because I definitely won’t be fluent in Polish for a while.
I had the amazing opportunity to go to the temple this morning and perform sealings. I loved it. As I was sitting there I couldn’t help but think about the blessings that our Heavenly Father has prepared for our families and how much I already want these for the people of Poland. I thought of the women whose work I did and how they lived centuries ago and have been waiting for this so that they can be reunited with their families and because I went to the temple this morning, now they can be. How amazing is that!? I am so sad to leave the temple behind for the next couple of years but I know that even though I won’t be able to go, I can take these experiences with me, and that they will strengthen me to be able to do all that is required in order to bless the Poles I will meet.
The MTC is so funny. On Sunday night they show LDS movies like Legacy and The Testaments and Mountain of the Lord. You can tell we’re a whole bunch of teenagers who aren’t allowed to date, because anytime there’s a romantic scene everyone makes a big deal out of it whistling and cat calling. It’s soooo funny. We have the greatest Elders ever in the Polish district. We generally go on a spacer (spa-t-ser) or walk once a day just around the MTC and play Stomp in which we try to step on each other’s feet when it’s our turn and not be stepped on when it’s not our turn. So we’re working hard, but definitely doing what we can to enjoy the MTC too.
Do you remember the Elder I mentioned a few weeks ago who had some health problems with his lung? Well last week Starszy Oborn’s lung calapsed again which is pretty rare, and as a result they had to do surgery. He’s back at the MTC just healing up. But keep him in your prayers, if all goes well he will hopefully be able to come with us to Poland in a few weeks.
Polish Fact of the Week: Apparently Poland is the Supermodel capital of the world–everyone there is really good looking, so I guess I’ll have to send you some pictures.
What else, I’m doing great. Trying to prepare as much as I can for Poland, but really excited to get out there and get to work. You are right, there is a lot of work being done in Poland now. Everyone assumes that Eastern Europe is milked dry, but there are still people there that God is preparing to hear the gospel. I think we will be able to see it flourish in new and wonderful ways throughout the next decades. )
Sorry that I have to cut this short, I love you all. Stay busy and stay safe. Thank you for all your love and support, it really is a strength to me.
Siostra Tracy Allen

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