4th week in the MTC

(I feel so busy and then I sit down to write you and have the hardest time thinking of things to write about.
Polish is all consuming here at the MTC. I love it! Our teachers try to make things into a game so it’s easier and more enjoyable to practive, but we are all naturally competitive so little exercises like a sentance in English that we have to translate correctly becomes epic. Everyone gets so pumped up; sometimes I can feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins as I try to figure out which case certain words need to be put into and if the perfective or imperfective form of the verb would be better. I hope this is a good thing. Occasionally we get a little too caught up in it though. One of the teams has won every single game of “connect three” that we’ve played and has now begun referring to themselves as Dynasty.
Polish fact of the week: Huli: a Polish person that thinks they’re really cool. According to our teachers they wear nike shocks and nike shoes etc. Addidas is not an option. They also have a love of old-school American rap and Chuck Norris.
I was made the Huli of the week for our class on Saturday (we have one every week). The class gets to grill you with whatever questions they want and then they have to give you compliments. Apparently I break a lot of negative sterotypes about sister missionaries. I hope I can keep that rep up. You know how I love to disprove stereotypes.
On a more spiritual note, we’ve been working on our lesson on the Plan of Salvation this week. It has been so amazing to study and teach about this subject; about the plan that our Heavenly Father has for us to return to him and our Savior Jesus Christ’s central role in that. Sister Bailey and I made pictures to correspond to each of the parts, and as we were practicing with two elders in our district we realized that half of our chart would be non-existent without the Atonement of Jesus Christ. At the beginning of 2 Nephi 9 it explains that without Christ there would be no resurrection and our spirits would have no means of escape from the power of the devil. We would literally be his servants. But that isn’t our end. There is a plan established and our faith is not in vain. Christ atoned for our sins and as a result we can be found clean at the judgement bar of our Heavenly Father.
Something I struggle with is asking investigators to make committments. Sister Bailey is great at this and we’ve been discussing their importance and ways to give them that encourage the investigator to act. The devotional we had on Sunday had a great illustration of this with an investigotor taking steps as they did things towards the “doors of baptism”. Just agreeing to do something hardly moved them closer to their Savior at all. They had to pray, to read the scriptures on their own, to go to church even when it wasn’t convinient before real progress was made. This is our job. Christ is the good shephard. He is always calling, but so many don’t know what the sound of his voice is like. We’re just teaching investigators how to come unto Christ. We’re teaching them what answers from prayer feel like, how to find answers to their questions in the holy scriptures, and the saving power of ordinances in renewing our relationship with our Redeemer.
I have to go. All my love.
Siostra Allen

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