2nd Week in the MTC

I got your packages and letter last week (very cute stationary, btw). Thank you soooo much. The elders in my district have officially voted you Team Mom because they loved the cupcakes so much. It is fun to hear from you, but I only have 30 minutes on P-day to be on my e-mail (And the computer likes to freeze a lot with the timer still going) so if you want to send me letters while I’m in the MTC just go to dearelder.com and type in the text of your e-mail. They print them off and put them in my mailbox each day. So I can read and think about you guys during the week and have more time to write you on Tuesdays.
I’m glad you guys are all having fun and that Provo and Schofield and Logan have been enjoyable. We did get to see the fireworks, our mission president gave specific permission for us to stay up passed 10:30 to do so. And we sang patriotic songs as we watched and then hymns after about the third Star Spangled Banner. I’m glad Sister Gale was able to get the phone to you. I was so suprised when I found it and not exactly sure what to do with it, but she jumped right in and said she would take it to you. Thank you for keeping my blog up to date. I enjoy being able to share this amazing experience with all those who want to read about it. I’m glad you were able to sell some of the things you were hoping to, and that KaryAnn might get a decent sized bed. You might even want to repost the other things in Provo area and transport them up since the market is apparently better here. I’m glad you enjoyed reading Graceling and our little bird on the front porch hasn’t flown away yet and that you had a good sacrament meeting two weeks ago. I do love Sundays too and the rejuvinating spirit that it offers.
(The last week has been intense. We taught for the first time in the Teaching Resource Center with volunteer investigators who spoke Polish. We had to do three 15 minute introductions in Polish where we said we were missionaries and a little bit of our message and then we asked if we could teach the rest of the lesson in our native tongue and gave the first discussion. I LOVE teaching the first discussion. It is so wonderful that my job is to tell everyone that I meet that they are a child of God and that he loves them. That there is a plan to return to him. And that through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can be cleansed from sin. That I get to teach them that there is hope. That the gospel has been restored through Joseph Smith.
I am having trouble memorizing all of the Polish vocabulary. It’s just so different from every other thing I’ve ever tried to learn. But when I get frustrated and think of how impossible it is that in less than two months I’m going to be IN Poland teaching in this language I just have to have faith that God will bless me with the gift of tongues as he has promised. And God always keeps his promises so I have nothing to fear. Sister Bailey is such a help to me. When I don’t feel like studying anymore she goes through the vocab cards and asks me questions in Polish so I have to answer. It’s easy to get disheartened about learning a language, but when you really think about it, two weeks ago I couldn’t even read Polish and now I can say I have two brothers and I’m from Las Vegas. That I like reading and studyied literature (notice the past tense. yep, learned that yesterday). The words are so much fun too. Crazy at first and then just fun.)
For the most part I am doing fine. I have everything I need and the little things I might need to pick up I can grab at the MTC Bookstore. But if you are wanting to send anything to me, I now have a little better idea of what works best.
Long skirts (preferably with pockets) and they can have patterns or be plain.
I have enough collared shirts, if you see any blouses that you think would look good with one of my skirts though I would really enjoy some variety
AND JEANS!!! Jeans are totally fine on P-day and when we do service, so please, oh please send me the dark wash jeans in the vaccum box under my bed in Vegas. And any casual t-shirts that I can wear too.
Well my time is almost up, I love you guys so very much. I thank you again for the thoughtful notes.
Sister Tracy Allen

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