1st Week in the MTC

(I love being a missionary! I love the hours of scripture study. I love the classes and all the amazing people here. And I can’t wait to get out into the field. Well, yes I can. I’d like to know a little more Polish before I’m expected to teach in the language. So Polish is hard. Really really hard. The words are long, the pronunciation is different, and not only do the conjugate verbs, but also nouns and adjectives. But as I’ve studied and struggled, my testimony has grown. I know that the gift of tongues exists. I have seen it in the one week I’ve been here. For instance: Jestem Siostra Allen, a to jest moja kolezanka Siostra Bailey. (I am Sister Allen and this is my companion Sister Bailey)

So you’re probably curious about everything. After you dropped me off I went through a line and they gave me my room key and my name tag etc. and then a sister missionary took me to my room, we dropped off my luggage and she took me to the classroom that I now live in. We have class all morning , gym time, lunch, the class in the afternoon, dinner, and more class until 9. I have a completely new conception of exhaustion. But at the same time, it’s so great. My companion’s name is Siostra Bailey. She is from northern UT. Went to BYU-I and loved it. And just graduated in Elementary Education. She is wonderful! She makes having to be around someone for 24 hours a day a good experience. And she is so patient withy me. She has been studying Polish for the last two months with an RM in her ward and listens to my slow reading of the Ksenga Mormona each night with gentle correction. I have no idea what I would do without her and the funny pneumatic devices we come up with. The Elders in my district are great too. They make me laugh every day. We have had wonderful firesides and devotionals too. Elder Oaks taught on Friday night, a member of the General Relief Society board taught Relief Society, and then for Sunday’s fireside we got a sneak peak at the new version of Mormon.org that comes out in a couple of weeks. It is so amazing. Members of the church can make personal profiles on the site and write about their experiences being a mormon. We also got to meet President Nielsen our Mission President and his wife. They leave today for Poland and we are so excited to join them there. After getting to know each other we played a Polish number game that Siostra Bailey and I are very good at. P-days are very strange. It feels weird to wear skirts, to not have class, and the laundry room here is amazing. Kind of intense, but really impressive)
What else to share with you. Oh yeah. Mom, please discover dearelder.com. It’s like sending an e-mail for you, but they deliver the letter to me the same day. I’ve been doing alright so far, but I’ve only gotten one postcard from Michele. I want to hear from you guys.
I truly know that this is the lord’s work. In the few days I’ve been here I have learned so much about myself. I can feel Heavenly Father blessing me with faith and hope. I know that as I have prayed for direction and help he has answered ten fold. I don’t know how I can possibly fit everything in. Language study, religious study, lesson planning, and being the Coordinating Sister (a version of District Leader for the sisters) but somehow everything fits together and we are blessed with the ability to complete all that God has required of us.)
I wish I could remember what else to tell you. Oh, I went to the Health Ctr. today. I will be going to the podiatrist on July 12th. As I recall I need to pay and then we’ll bill the insurance. Please let me know if that is not the case.
I’m keeping busy and happy here. I love you all so much and look forward to writing you next Tuesday.
Siostra Tracy Allen

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