Gone, but not GONE

I am excited. I am nervous. I am eager to jump in. And I am probably in a little bit over my head. But whichever combination of emotions it is, the time has come. As celebrated a few months ago, I will be leaving this week for an 18 month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. During this time every waking moment will be devoted to missionary work–finding people to teach, preparing lessons, and teaching them. I won’t be on facebook. I won’t see the latest blockbuster. I won’t know what the newest apple product is. However, while I will not be able to write on here at my leisure. My mother has graciously agreed to post parts of my letters on here so all of you can see what I’m up to if you’re curious.

So this is it for a while. I wish you all the best in the next 18 months, and would love to hear from you, even you silent readers. My address for the next 9ish weeks will be:
Sister Tracy Nicole Allen
MTC Mailbox # 145
POL-WAR 0824
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

And then around September:
Sister Tracy Nicole Allen
Poland Warsaw Mission
ul. Polcznska 50/5 (the l has a line through it and the n is accented with the diagonal line above)
01-337 Warsaw


One thought on “Gone, but not GONE

  1. I know you won't read this, as you're already set apart, but I miss you already. You'll be wonderful. I'll write you, no worries. Could I live without you? Probably not. 🙂 See you in two years, my dear.

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