Diem Carped

Missionaries have a very specific dress code. Skirts must be calf length, not trendy, in specific fabrics. You need to have a few blazers and collared shirts and nice sweaters. You must look conservative and professional at all times. I have some clothes that fit this bill, and my mom is letting me take a few of her skirts, but there were a lot of little things we needed to get to bulk up my missionary wardrobe and today was the day.

Ann Taylor:
Attractive blazer I might actually wear on days that aren’t Zone Conference (we got it for over 75% off!!!)
Collared shirt with light blue stripes
A tan cardigan
Ann Taylor Loft:
Some sweaters (one is a rather bright shade of pink that’ll liven things up a bit)
A bright blue collared dress that’s long enough and actually has a waist line
Pajamas (cute stripped ones)
A t-shirt to jog in
A dress that I can’t take on my mission, but how do you turn down a modest J Crew dress for under 10 bucks? You don’t.
A black belt

Black collared shirt

Michele– are you proud of my store choices. I converted my mom to Ann Taylor.


3 thoughts on “Diem Carped

  1. That's impressive, dear. Especially the J Crew dress. Too bad you can't take it to Poland, but it'll be waiting for you when you get back. But sounds like you bought lots of great missionary stuff! Whoo!

  2. Went to Ann Taylor and Banana yesterday. Got five? six? items for under $100 dollars. Including a pair of jeans. Love.Want to see your spoils.

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