Primary Survival Kit: Crayons and Chocolate

 Via: sprayblog

Teaching a group of six year olds about following Jesus isn’t as easy as one would have you believe. Between differentiating between Jesus and Superboy and playing following the leader when everyone wants to be the leader except the little girl who just wants to hide in the corner I had my work cut out for me this afternoon. I told stories and they got bored, I bore my testimony and they started packing up, but crayons and chocolate– those are the two magic secrets of parenthood as far as I can tell. They were well behaved and so I didn’t have to worry about them fighting over the pink ones. Even the shy one came out from behind the chair she’d squeezed behind and asked me for a piece of paper. Mix that with bribes of the mother’s day chocolate I had in my purse and I managed to survive substituting today. I can now go on to fight another day.


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