One Dancing Princess

by Sofi via

My parents pulled out the homevideos this afternoon. In the three hours we spent watching them I learned three things about myself.

1. I had big ears as a child
2. I was really happy all the time
3. I lived in another world

Now with the last statement you probably think I’m refering to the outdated clothing I saw. And there was a lot of it. Between my mothers huge glasses and my nightgownlike pantsuit we laughed quite a bit, but that’s not what I’m talking about.
It seems I was always dancing about in pretty dresses pretending to be a princess. I had this constant desire to express myself. You can tell I’ve rehearsed specific things for the camera like when I read the book aloud or played the piano. I was a performer. How I ended up an introverted English major I’ll never know. There’s this great shot where my dad is pruning the giant cottonwood trees we used to have in our backyard and I come out in my mom’s prom dress, costume braid, and red lipstick (remember I’m probably about eight). At least my makeup looked good, no smears.
I will forever remember playing make believe in the backyard with my brother when the lawn chairs were a spaceship and we had to climb the olianders to get away from the bad guys, I remember singing karaoke to “My Heart Will Go On”, and playing library and teacher in my bedroom, but I don’t remember all the dancing. It explains a lot.


2 thoughts on “One Dancing Princess

  1. I can see that. You've got more than a touch of whimsy in you my dear, and I think you would make an excellent fairy princess. (Okay, you'd be a better fairy queen, but technicalities…)

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