Welcome home. You have a dentist appointment in the morning.

My first night back in Vegas I dreamed of my high school choir. Woke up and pulled on clothes that were closest to the top of my suitcase and then went to the dentist. Life is about normal again. Now what I need is an internship or a temp job for the next two months or I might go crazy.

It’s amazing how normal life can get where ever you live. Even in London, if I didn’t go out and try to grab hold of every opportunity I could find, it became monotonous. So I shouldn’t just blog and watch TV all day. That won’t make me happy. I need to clean my room, and play the piano, and cook, and get ready for my mission in less than two months! That’s what life is about. That and all the beautiful moments with friends and family. So I’m off to do that. Hope you’re all having a great day.


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