Dia de leyendo y sol

Cold damp grass scratches the back of my neck,
pokes under the hem of the jeans I have pulled up to my knees,
jams into the spaces between my toes.
I bury myself there
Grabbing two hand-fulls within fingers
I pull myself as deep as I can.

The chill is only bearable because of the sun pelting my face with it’s rays of UV light.
My skin hurts with the warmth, but I cannot turn it away.
I smile, allowing my burning cheeks to fold and pucker,
wishing my chapped lips could drink up the sun the way my skin does.
I close my eyes and see the red brightness of sky behind the lids.

The book, lying heavy on my chest, reminds me of another world.
A world where there is more to do than smile at the sun
and thank it for happiness and life.
But I don’t want to leave;
Daydreams and Afternoon Naps have just arrived for tea
I am content here.

I fear this warmth could melt away as quickly as Las Vegas snow
and so I hide here in the grass. In a world of vivid oranges and shades of spring.


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