Mrs. Booth, Ford, Damon, Keats, Blythe…

A friend’s post of some of their favorite women, made me want to expand my Saturday post a bit.

Why do I want to marry Agent Booth, and why does Michele approve? Because he believes that what he does makes the world a better place. Because he cares about people, all people (except maybe criminals). Because he’s not intimidated by intelligent women. And let’s face it, you would always feel safe around him, even if some psycho cereal killer were in the house.

Athos is a character in The Fugitive Pieces. He sees a Jewish child hiding in the forest and risks his life to smuggle him out of Poland during WWII.  Humanity is sacred to him. His compassion is staggering. He raises the boy, taking him to Greece and then Canada and teaches him how to live after what he has seen. He teaches him the beauty of academia, of science, and of poetry. That’s the life I want to live, cherishing it all the time no matter what has happened.

How is Aragorn not the perfect man? He is the hope of the entire world and yet he doesn’t run up to the throne and demand his kingdom. It’s always more about others than himself. For instance, he knows Arwen should leave and tells her to do so even though he loves her. He is pragmatic and loyal and self sacrificing. He doesn’t let his fears of failure dim his determination to succeed. Oh, and he can wield a battle sword.

I know I’m supposed to think Captain Kirk is the most attractive man on the Enterprise, but when Michele and I cuddle up on the couch to watch Star Trek we giggle like school girls over Spock. Because Spock is a good guy. He is smart and talented, and he’s willing to be Kirk’s deputy when it becomes apparent that Kirk will be able to save the greatest amount of people.

Harrison Ford is a man’s man. Can I just list a few movies he’s been in: Indiana Jones, Sabrina, The Fugitive, Air Force One, and oh yeah… he was Han Solo. Somehow he walks the line between snarky and disrespectful. Snark is okay, it implies equality of intellect; disrespect is not okay. Somehow I always feel his cheekiness is a cover for complex characters. I like complex characters, knowing them makes life more interesting.

Two words: Car pool. I heard once that Matt Damon car pools his children to school. The children he had with his wife who is not a movie star or pop singer and who he has been with for more than five years.
He is also Jason Borne.

If you haven’t seen Bright Star, repent. It is the story of John Keats. I don’t even like Romantic poetry that much and I could listen to this actor read Keats’ work all day long (but only if I’m allowed to drool openly). He makes me want to live more passionately, to see more beauty, to write more clearly.

Maybe it’s because there is a beauty in home for me, but Gilbert Blythe is the epitome of what I want my life to include. What does Anne say at the end of the second movie, “I don’t want marble halls and something else, I just want you”. That’s how I want to feel when I get married

And lastly, I want my husband to treat me the way my stake president treats his wife. I don’t think you can be in my stake and not love President Todd, nor can you ignore how unbelievably in love he still is with Sister Todd. One time at a Relief Society activity she was speaking and her poster fell from the board. He was right by her side helping her pick it up before anyone else had realized what happened. This isn’t because he thinks she wouldn’t be able to pick it up on her own, but because he wants to serve he at every oppotunity he gets.


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