Truths I’ve been Told:
You’re such a happy person.
Poland. That’s perfect for you!
You’re going to be an amazing mission companion.
You’re such a good writer.
You’re beautiful.

A Truth of Politeness:
I normally smile and say thank you when people tell me these things, because it’s actually more gracious to say thank you than flat out deny what people tell you. But sometimes I really have to work hard to believe them.

Truth is:
I don’t feel happy all the time. There are days that I feel sad.
How on earth can so many people think Poland is perfect for me when I was so surprised?
I don’t even know how to be a good missionary let alone a mission companion. I wish I were so much more compassionate and patient and loving with those around me.
I write a lot, but it’s a lot of blood for mediocre work. Good writers make readers feel something. If something is well written their meaning is clear and yet beautiful and complex at the same time. When I read something well written I cry because it’s so beautiful. Some day I’ll write something like that.
Sure sometimes. I was blessed with pretty cheek bones and a defined clavicle. But I haven’t gone for a run in months and I rarely wear mascara. More often than not my hair does whatever it likes and I wear the nearest pair of jeans.

Some Truisms:
Men are that they might have joy.
Life is better when you’re happy.
Jesus Christ can make you happy (and will if you ask him to)
Mission calls are inspired by the Lord.
I will go and do the things the Lord commands.
Poland is the greatest place in the world!
If you practice being more Christlike, eventually you will be.
Christ is the best mission companion.
Every voice matters.
Do what you love regaurdless of skill.
I am a daughter of God.
He made all things well (and he made me without mascara, fancy that).


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