"I’ll be dreaming my dreams"

 From: vi.sualize

I know people who have many dreams in one night. Those people are not me. I can go months without remembering anything from my night’s escapades. I probably dream occasionally, but I have a feeling that I drop  into the deep and dreamless stage of the rem cycle pretty quickly. But a few weeks ago I was unpleasantly awakened in the middle of the night after a very strange, very vivid dream. Thinking I had filled my six month quota I went back to sleep, but apparently my life is too boring and my subconcious wants to play at night. Needless to say, the last couple of weeks have been quite eventful. Here are two of my favorite adventures:

I, for reasons unbenounced to me, was naked at a choir dress rehearsal. Embarrassing, but bearable in a choir full of women. It wasn’t quite so bearable when Men’s Chorus began filing in. I just remember trying to inconspicuously slip back into my clothes when some random guy asked me a question and I promptly turned into Sandra Bullok. Apparently I felt more comfortable in her skin.

A few nights ago I bought a really cheep housing contract. It was a single bed with plenty of space. Too much space. I had purchased a matress in the bushes by the Hinkley Center mere feet away from the sidewalk and busy road. KaryAnn came to visit me and attempted to talk me into moving back to Regency, but I insisted that I really liked my new place. I didn’t relent until it started raining and the mattress got soggy.

Last night Katelyn made friends with a giant yellow and black snake. They seemed to be really great friends, but I was wary. When she left the room and I was left alone with the snake we began talking. He divulged that he intended to kill me, knowing that he could bite and kill me before I could run away. So I didn’t run, I was sitting right next to him with his head in my lap. I replied, “I know you like Katelyn and she wouldn’t like you to kill me” to which he responded while stroking my hand with his fang, “I don’t care”. As soon as the words were out of his mouth survival instincts kicked in and I snapped his neck. (This one creeped me out a lot actually).

Don’t worry about my sanity, I feel fine. But if you have any interpretations to offer, I’m all ears.


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