Little Black Dress: Success

I think it’s called a cruel irony, life is funny that way. Five long years of searching for the right little black dress and I’ve finally found it. I walked into Banana Republic last night looking for a non-masculine blazer, and found this:

Notice the length, notice the sleeves. I tried it on out of indulgence, just to see. And when it wasn’t too tight, too long, too low, too cheap and was 25% off I just smiled to myself, put it back on the hanger and then the rack. Why, you ask? Because I really don’t need a little black dress right now. I can’t wear it for a few years (I might be a different size in a few years) and oh yeah, my money has to pay for other needed clothes right now. But it exists! If Banana made a little black dress I would wear this season someone eventually has to make it again. And hopefully, then I’ll be able to buy it.


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