As many of you have undoubtedly noticed, I’ve been renovating my blog over the past couple weeks; ripping up the cluttery side panels and building new easily accessible storage facilities. Renovation always makes me feel good inside. You can ask my roommates, they deal with me rearranging the living room every couple months. There’s something about being able to take one space and start all over. Fresh. Clean. Speaking of renovation, I redid our living room again a couple weeks ago. I’ll throw pictures up here soon.

Something else some of you might have noticed is that there is a conspicuous gap at the right side of my listed pages–a gap that has been annoying me. The problem is, I really don’t know what to put there. So I’m opening the stage for suggestions. For those of you who know me personally and those of you who don’t: what should the 10th page be?


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