Moe is so undervalued

You know, moe. The choice that you don’t even really think about, but turns out to be the best one. He gets to the party last, after everyone else is involved in the movie or game and so no one notices him. But when they do they kick themselves because he’s awesome.

Moe is taking 3 hours on an assignment due at midnight on Wednesday.
Moe is being able to go home and eat real food and not something from a vending machine.
Moe is more study time.
Moe is more sleep.
Moe is spending an hour longer than expected on my stats midterm.
Moe is still paying attention to the most important things.
Moe is getting to the temple on Thursday night and giving people rides home.
Moe is changing your plans to make the best decision all around.
Moe is taking my Stats test on Thursday.

Life is all about choices. Setting goals is important, they help us get to where we want to arrive. They help us feel good about the baby steps, but often goals have to be adjusted. I could have taken my stats test on Wednesday. I would have snacked from the vending machine, not studied enough, not had enough time to take the test, and not completed my reading assignment by midnight. Ultimately my little goal of not paying a late fee was pushed aside in response to bigger goals: like doing well in my classes and taking care of my body. So I made adjustments. For my last midterm I’ll start studying earlier so that taking the test earlier will be Mr. Moe. But today Moe was taking my Stats test on Thursday.


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