Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

 Via: Indexed

Life is all about choices. Depending on who you’re comparing me to, I make pretty good decisions. Drug addicts and shoplifters, yeah I think I beat them in the decision category. But I could be better. I am a procrastinator which often paints me into tight corners. It means I am forced to spend late nights in the library some weeks to finish all I need to get done when I could have left by 10 and gotten a good nights rest with some forethought.

Often making the best decision requires knowledge; understanding the repercussions that come from the different decisions you can make and then choosing accordingly. I made a resolution on Monday, after completing my Physical Science test 20 minuets before it was due and paying $5 to do it, that I would not wait until the last moment to take any more tests this semester. I would study early and take them before it cost me money. Well today is the last day for my stats test without a late fee and I’m really not in the mood to study. I had just about made the decision to scrap my resolution and take the test tomorrow when I realized something (in addition to the importance of keeping promises to yourself and my tight budget): I usually go to the temple on Saturday, but I don’t know if I can this week. My only other day to go is tomorrow; however, if I don’t take my stats test today, I likely won’t have time to go tomorrow. And so I have commenced studying stats again in hopes of taking it tonight. At least if I’m not ready it won’t be because I was a slacker and that’s how I want it to be?


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