It’s tomorrow today. The tomorrow of a day I’ve been waiting for for almost five months. I know where I’m going. I know when I’m going. I am so excited. And now it’s tomorrow and I’ve thought of Poland more in the last sixteen and a half hours than I have probably in my entire life. It still hasn’t sunken in completely.

About 12:48 AM, after I’d called everyone in my family, written the news on facebook, and posted on here I freaked out a little bit. Not because I was going to Poland and that’s really far away, but because I thought I’d made a mistake. For a split second I thought: I read my call wrong. I’m not actually going to Poland. It’s Portland or someplace that looks like Poland. I’m going to have to call everyone back and correct the mistake. Luckily, before I started making phone calls I decided to read the call one more time to make sure. Yep, Poland Warsaw mission. I’m going there. I get to speak a really cool language that looks like this:

Moi umiłowani bracia i siostry, pozdrawiam was wszystkich na tej 179. Jesiennej Konferencji Generalnej Kościoła Jezusa Chrystusa Świętych w Dniach Ostatnich.

Jakże jestem wdzięczny za czasy, w których żyjemy — czasy tak zaawansowanej technologii, że możemy przemawiać do was, mieszkających na całym świecie. Kiedy Władze Naczelne i przywódcy organizacji pomocniczych stoją tu, w Centrum Konferencyjnym, w Salt Lake City, nasze głosy docierają do was poprzez różne media, włączając w to radio, telewizję, transmisje satelitarne i Internet. Chociaż będziemy mówić do was po angielsku, usłyszycie nas w około 92 językach.

(From President Thomas S. Monson’s address in October 2009 General Conference)

And even though I think of cold and dark all the time like this:

From: here

Which is awesome and reminds me of Lothlorian, I found out that Polish summers can look like this too:

From: here

Which makes me very happy because I love the sunshine. Look at that sky and the yellow. This kind of yellow.

Last night I checked the World Factbook. I learned that the majority of people in Poland are of polish descent and speak polish. The major religion there is Roman Catholic with Greek Orthodox and Protestant in second and third (we’re looking to change that). I checked out six books on Poland from the library this morning, one of which is entitled Learn Polish in Three Months. Guess what? I have three and a half months before I go into the MTC. I doubt if I’ll get through everything, but I’m certainly going to work on the basics. Apparently they have 32 letters. Vowels that are much nicer than English vowels because they only have one sound. There are two accented vowels that sound kind of nasally. And a lot of their consonants have the same sound as English! I can do this.

Funny tidbit: brat means brother in polish. I thought that was amusing. Anybody know anything about Poland. I’m all ears?


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