Seven Mothers in Training

Via: flickr: Rachel Absher
I love this picture and I’m not sure when else I’ll be able to use it.

Yesterday was exciting–whenever you have to spend time in the hospital it’s exciting. But as each one of my roommates jumped in and contributed to our friend’s recovery effort I realized something: I live in a microcosm of Relief Society. There are seven of us. All beautiful, smart, talented, accomplished, different young women. Yet somehow we work together so well; we all bring something varied and valuable to the table.

As each of us pitched in over the weekend, making dinners, sitting in waiting rooms, grocery shopping, going to concerts, running errands–the thought, “[insert roommate name here] is going to be such a wonderful mother” came to mind repeatedly about each one of them. We’ll all do it differently, but that’s okay. We’ll all do it at different points in our life, but that’s okay too. I look forward to the day when I have the amazing responsibility of motherhood. I can’t wait to read to them and sing with them and take them to the ocean and the mountains. I can’t wait to do the dishes with them and teach them that the reason gardening is wonderful is because dirt gets underneath your fingernails. I see that in all of us, the hope for motherhood is a secret light behind our eyes, similar to Mrs. Darlings kiss that no one could quite put a finger on. It’s part of their radiance.

P.S. I saw Hook again on Friday and it is all about the importance of family. Watch it again, you’ll realize that it’s just as amazing as you remember.


One thought on “Seven Mothers in Training

  1. You will be such a wonderful mother.And I mean that in all sincerity–that was my initial reaction to this post, and then I caught myself and started to laugh. ๐Ÿ™‚

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