Finding the Willpower

Sometimes it’s really hard to get up in the morning. My covers are just so warm and comfortable and I know that as soon as I get up I won’t have a chance to stop. It’s my body’s preemptive rebellion against my chosen lifestyle. Finding the willpower to get my stationary body to move is never easy, but often it happens somewhat quickly. Other days it’s a long drawn out process.

This morning for instance:
5:30 alarm goes off, snooze
5:40 alarm goes off again, I turn it off intending to get up
5:42 I decide to ponder the paper I should be writing for a little while, just to get the ideas flowing
6:00 I start to think about how sore my throat is and how nauseous I was last night. I really should sleep in and recover right? I probably shouldn’t even go to class.
6:10 I say a really long morning prayer- in bed
6:20 I think of more reasons to stay wrapped up in my paisley quilt
6:30 I decide to do my scripture reading in bed too, but getting up to turn on the light would be a betrayal to the lethargy that has beset me so I just hold my scriptures up to the window and grab the few rays of sun that are peaking over the mountains
7:00 There are no more excuses and my paper is due in two and a half hours. Finally some sense of expediency begins to set in. I can do it. Visualize yourself up. With a warm coat on… Almost.


For those of you that are curious, I was in the library writing my paper by 7:30. It wasn’t great, but I guess that doesn’t matter because we got to class and it’s not due until Thursday. Maybe I’ll actually get a chance to revise for a change.


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