This is what A.D.D. looks like in the form of a blog

I promised myself I wouldn’t talk about my mission again on here until I actually had a call I could announce. That’s part of the reason I haven’t blogged. Because every time I get on and feel in the mood to write–it’s about missions. So this is me not blogging about the call that may or may not be going in the mail this weekend.

WARNING: Things get pretty sporatic from here on out.

  • I love sleeping in. I only get a change to do this three days of the week. Tuesday and Saturday I generally wake up around 8 and on Sunday not until the blessed hour of 9:30. I slept in today though, because I got home rather late. I guess you can call 3:45 late. But it was worth it…as long as I’m responsible enough to read the chapters they went over in class this morning.
  • I will never get used to Utah weather. How do you go from shorts and flip flops at 9 in the morning to snow at 2 in the afternoon? Snow that doesn’t stop falling until half way through the next day.
  • My beautiful roommate Megan got called to the Thailand Bangkok mission on Wednesday and I am so excited for her! (I can talk about this because it’s technically not my mission)
  • Um, so I finally saw the end of Serenity. I watched the first 45 minuets over Christmas break, and then Michele got it for her birthday so I got to finish it yesterday. Good movie. It was rather surreal to just pick up a movie right where I left off three months after I started it. Probably a result of reading lots. When you are always stopping and starting and have to get used to knowing where all the story lines are in all of your half read books you develop that odd talent.
  • I’m not being very organized this week. I should probably change that. I will start a running to do list as soon as I post this or at the same time, my attention span is diminishing slowly every day.
  • Post-modernism is taking over my life. I had no idea until this semester: everything is postmodern, or at least the way we look at it is. I probably annoy people with my constant commentary on the post-modernness of children’s cartoons (Exhibit A: How to Train a Dragon. I never thought I’d say this, but it has some crazy comparisons to Toni Morrion’s Paradise)
  • I love cooking. I never thought I would. Whenever my mom would try and coax me into the kitchen with sweet invitations or guit me into the kitchen telling me that cooking was a necessary skill that I needed to learn I basically blew her off. This is a lot a bit sad because spending time in the kitchen can be wonderful, especially when you’re cooking with one of your closest friends. But I guess what’s done is done. I can’t change choices of the past, only the future.
  • More cooking. There are two reasons people don’t like to cook : Time and Failure. It takes a long time to prepare something, even if you’re just cooking for one or two. You have to brown the meat, steam the vegetables, let dough rise, roll cookies out, wait for the oven to warm up, etc. Cooking a meal sucks up a good chunk of the day. If time is money, then we can apply a cost/benefits ration to it. Does the time it takes to make dinner have a good cost/benefit ratio? That probably depends on who you’re talking to, I think more and more people would say no.
  • If any of you are like me, you’ve had a few cooking experiences when things didn’t turn out so well… like the fact that I am incapable of cooking rice. My family has a rice cooker, so doing it on the stove is a foreign concept to me–I never have enough water, or have too much. It’s really embarrassing. Even Landen, one of the best cooks I know, mixed up the baking soda and baking powder once because of labeling and her biscuits were so bad as a result it was quite amusing, especially watching when new people would try to eat them.
  • We’re ignoring the fact that the last three bullets should have been their own blog entry.
  • I have a stuffy nose. Goal for weekend: don’t get sick.
  • Why is poetry an acquired taste for some and love at first sight for others?
  • What ever happened to the art of reading aloud? It’s wonderful to hear a good reader form the words in their mouth and let the rich timbre of their voice fill in around it.
  • Why can’t I figure out how to formulate intelligent comments in class?
  • This article about teaching is fascinating. It made me think about what type of teacher I’m going to be, the classroom dynamic I’m going to foster. You become a slightly different person when you step into a new role. What will Miss Allen be like? What will Sister Allen be like? (sorry I slipped) There are just so many little things that are integral to the learning process and I get to figure them out. How terrifying and exhilarating is that?
  • Has anyone else been thinking a lot about the last days? If you don’t believe me go and read the news.
  • I was going to end there, but I thought that might be a little depressing so I’ll end here instead. Have a great Friday!

One thought on “This is what A.D.D. looks like in the form of a blog

  1. YES…um…about everything. Except post-modernism isn't taking over my life. Just yours. Right now, everything in my life is kind of/definitely more Romantic/Victorian, but…yes.

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