Cop out

In some ways I think a person can get to know someone better by reading their blog than by seeing them everyday at work or in class. People write what they’re actually thinking and feeling and experiencing on their blog (or at least I do) whereas they might not share that with just a casual acquaintance. There is value in this form of communication. In how a person describes themselves. But there is also value in how others view them.

As a side-note, I’ve also been thinking about the collective experience lately, especially as I’ve been reading others’ blogs. I read something someone else wrote and find a little bit of myself in it. Even if I wasn’t there, even if I don’t agree. Somewhere underneath it all everything connects. Like a grove of aspen. So this post is kind of a cop out. I didn’t write very much. But it is a compilation of things written about me, or that resonated with me as I read them. Enjoy.

You see, some people like Michele and Rachel have taken time out of their busy days and blogged about me. What there is to blog about I’m not exactly sure, but apparently they see something.

And then there are those who’ve written about experiences that we shared:

like when Julie wrote about the class we have together,

or some London ladies make sport of BYU in all its quirkiness,

Landen blogging about our exciting household fire experience,

Sierra writing about Columbine,

and Lisa about being an Englishy nerd.

I know these experiences. I am a participant.

And then lastly, there are others that make me think and feel and love
(not that the others don’t, these are just examples from recent days).

Like when Brittany posted quotes/poems by EBB and Emily Dickinson that reminded me why I love late 19th Century poetry,

like Jessie’s post from Austria that made me cry at work because I felt human in the best sense of the word,

like this music on Amy’s blog one day that made me feel inspired and happy inside.
Like Emma’s photography that makes me want to drop everything and get on a plane and not stop until I’ve seen everything.
Like Laura who helps me have hope in the future.

I want you all to know that I love reading what you have to say. That while I learn a lot about myself writing on my blog, it’s while reading yours that I learn the most about who I am and what I want to become. So thanks.

*All pictures were snipped from blogger profiles, except Michele’s which came from her facebook.

3 thoughts on “Cop out

  1. Oh my goodness. I agree. Haha, I love you. I have nothing to blog about. You are the type of blogger I want to be. 🙂 I am so honored to be in this list of excellent writers and bloggers–people like Michele, and Julie and Sierra, and Jessie and Lisa. Wow. And, you know, as different as people are, the human experience is all similar. Drastically different, yet connected with threads of the same kind. It's kinda like we're all different colors of yarn, all dyed differently, but we're essentially all the same. And words and pictures and art and even blogging combines that and allows us to tap into that. Okay. I'm going to stop blabbing before I write my own blog post here in your comment box.

  2. Tracy, I am A) delighted by your post because you included me in it! What an honor! And B) Because I didn't know that half of these people have blogs, and now I feel like I have twenty new novels to read over the weekend and I love it!Thank you!

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