Gendered Academics

From: the Harvey Jackson collection found here

There are boys in the English major. Normal boys can like books. (I should probably say men, but I’m not going to. Just assume it’s not a commentary on their masculinity and just a commentary on how I refer to my friends of the opposite gender.) So, like I was saying, there are boys in my classes. I should admit thought that although it’s not quite as exclusive as say, the Elementary Ed or Nursing programs, there is definitely a slight dominance on the side of the girls. This is the class dynamic I’m used to.

But I’m taking a class in Near Easter Studies this semester which is the complete opposite. There is a group of boys in my class that have all taken similar classes, know the same professors, etc–they’ve created a fraternity (not in the frat boy sense, but in the actual definition sense). They all sit together behind the line of demarcation. There’s a different type of witty repartee between them, they are more blunt, there’s a unique version of confidence, an underlying alpha-male contention. It’s very…different. The great thing about classes is that you play off of the other students, and so, because this class is out of the norm for me, I have to wheedle out a new role as commenter when I’m in class with them. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, adaptation is good, but it’s new nonetheless. I’ll get to learn how to be a little different kind of student. I don’t know what to conclude from this observation, but I thought I would throw it out there because I was thinking it.


One thought on “Gendered Academics

  1. bahaha. love this. boys are so…boyish. this happened in one of my classes last semester. except it was in english. and there were girls involved. it was the whole class. we were obsessed with each other.

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