Megan brought me home a beautiful scarf from an Egyptian bazaar as a souvenir from her escapades in the Near East. It’s a rich teal and gold weave– you’ve probably seen me wear it, because I wear it often. In fact I was wearing it today. Today as it snowed for hours, never really sticking to the ground, but creating puddles on the sidewalks and little droplets on my coat. And I was thinking of the person who made the scarf, or the one who sold it. To them, it’s purpose was as a head wrap to shield from the sun. And here I was wearing their creation as an insulator about my neck, happy that it was keeping me warm, glad the melting snow didn’t soak all the way through. The two are so completely different because we live in two completely different places. But me and the Egyptian stand owner thought that it was beautiful. That is the same no matter where we live and how we use it.


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