Mission Update

A few months ago I made a big announcement on here. That I was going to leave everything for 18 months and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here’s the update on that.

My papers are almost done! It’s a rather long and involved process. You aren’t allowed to submit them until 90 days before the day you are available to leave. Mine is May 5th, meaning February 5th is when mine were first able to go in. However, as I was informed last week, my doctor didn’t finish all of the tests she was supposed to. The TB test that would have been so easy to do over break when I didn’t have work and classes, was never completed. So I’m finishing that up now. Unfortunately scheduling in an hour to go over to the Health Center and have this done between the hours of 8 and 5 is easier said than done. I currently have an appointment for next Tuesday, a week from today, but I’m toying around with taking time off work to do it this week.

We’ll see what happens. I guess if nothing else I’m working on improving my patience skills. Something tells me I’m going to need those when I’m knocking on doors all day long. Anyway. I’ll let you know where I’m going just as soon as I know. Expect a big flag taking over my page in the near future.


One thought on “Mission Update

  1. Really, you can't even submit your papers until 90 days before your availability date? Interesting…That must be something new since I served. Anyways, that's exciting!

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