The Little Things

This morning was a blur. A frantic blur. I woke up and hopped right in the shower. I was ready for the day over 30 mins before my lab this morning, which never happens. I feel like I’ve been late almost every week for that class. But today I was on top of things, that is until I went to put on my glasses and realized they were no where to be found.

None of the normal places- the desk, bedside table, the bathroom. Then I checked my bed, sometimes they end up there if I fall asleep studying, which I did last night. Not there either. Well maybe they fell off my bed. So I pulled everything out from underneath my bed and crawled down there to feel around. No luck. That’s about when I started to panic. I had all of my remaining roommates scouring our somewhat clean apartment for them. We checked trashcans, refrigerators, boxes I haven’t opened in weeks. Everything to no avail.

Three very lucky occurrences salvaged my day:
1. My TA teaches a later lab section. So I just went to the 5:00 lab this afternoon instead.
2. Lisa has the same prescription as me and decided to wear contacts today. So I was able to go to my 9:30 class with the ability to see.
3. When I came home from lunch I decided to check under my bed one more time…and they were there!!!

So life is good despite the rough start I had today. But experiences like that really make you grateful for the little things you hardly ever think about… like 20/20 vision (with the assistance of glasses). I had no idea how dependent I was on my ability to see clearly. I started thinking about missing class, calling in to work, and sitting out of my Women’s Chorus rehearsal just because everything was fuzzy and that was uncomfortable, if not a little bit scary. How lucky I am that I have a pair of glasses. That I have eyes in the first place and can see the majesty of the mountains as I walk home from campus and stand out on the balcony with my roommates just to watch the sun set. How lucky I am to know that all of these blessings: my found glasses, my eyes, and the mountains and sun, have been given to me by the creator of all things. That I can see his influence in my life and be changed by it.


One thought on “The Little Things

  1. wow. You're gratitude is rubbing off on me. Right now I am most grateful for perfect eyesight. For the fact that I don't need glasses, because if I did I would certainly lose them every 5 minutes (probably eventually find them on my face) and probably end up stepping on them every so often. Me with glasses would be your situation every single day!

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