Post Christmas Stress Syndrome, or A Day of Errands

As busy as the lead up to Christmas is, after Christmas craziness can be even more insane. For instance, the craziness of decorating is mirrored in the necessity of un-decorating. The dishes that all of the food was made with and eaten on must be cleaned, the toys must be put together, software installed, books read, gift cards spent, movies watched… And then there are the exchanges- for a new color or size.

Today my mom and I had a lovely day in which we ran a lot of my errands. Things like switching out the model of new scriptures I’d gotten, picking up some school books at Barnes and Noble, returning some cardigans that didn’t quite work, and exchanging some shoes for a half size smaller. It was really quite something spending all day running from place to place. And I was left thinking: is that really what my life is going to amount to when I get older? I mean today was great because I got to spend all day with my mom and we made a day out of it. But by the end I was going a little cross-eyed- I just wanted to be curled up at home. Doing that every day by yourself, or dragging complaining children around with you doesn’t not sound like my idea of fun. I don’t know how my mom has dealt with it for so long. Well I don’t have to worry about that for a while- so we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.


One thought on “Post Christmas Stress Syndrome, or A Day of Errands

  1. Tracy! I totally know what you are talking about … I started to take down my tree yesterday because it is very dead. haha yes very dead. anyhow I realized I have not where to put all the ornaments, no place to store the stockings, and no place to stick the wrapping paper I didn't use. I still haven't figure it out so now everything is under the tree and I am not sure what to do. haha long story, I know, but the point is that I feel your after christmas busy-ness.

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