Flirting 101

I’ve always been a good student, but I think I missed a vital class somewhere along the way. You know that time in middle school and early high school where you learn how to flirt? Ya, I think I slept through that class. I should clarify, I’m not completely clueless. I can recognize when someone’s trying to hit on me. And most of the time my ability to shut them down comes in handy because I’m not interested and we never have to get to the awkward dates, and even more awkward anti-DTRs. And I can be flirty when I really know a person and I’m comfortable with them. But the ability to strike up a conversation and be charming at the drop of a hat, at a party, with a complete stranger. I just don’t know what to say and so I run in the other direction. I’m not kidding.

Exhibit A: Tonight, about 8:00 at a wedding reception. I hop into line with my mom to grab some punch. Cute boy standing behind us. He and I both go for punch ladle at the same time. He apologizes and lets me go first. He makes a statement about punch, I respond in kind. Then he compliments my hair. Now a lot of people compliment my hair, and I’ve met a lot of old ladies as a result, but when faced with a guy my mind goes blank. I just awkwardly thanked him and then briskly got my self to the other side of the room where my mom had sat down.

Why didn’t I just coyly laugh at his forwardness, say something witty, and introduce myself? In retrospect I know that’s what I should have done. I know that’s what my roommates would have done. And they would do it without it being awkward in the least. In the end it worked out- girl in pink sweater was tailing him all night and I’m sure she would have been peeved had he struck up a long conversation with an anonymous red head.


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