It’s amazing what knowing you’re going to leave the world as you know it for a year and a half can do to a person’s mentality. If you really want to see a movie, you see it, because soon you won’t be able to. And you don’t buy dresses that you can’t take on your mission, because why would you buy something you can’t use for a year and a half. And you realize that there are people you haven’t seen in over a year and if you don’t see them soon, it’s going to be three years. And so you invite them over and they actually come and you have a blast. I think it’s a good thing. It makes you focus on what really matters to you. And then gives you the gumption (for some reason I feel like that’s a Tom Hanks word) to act.


One thought on “Reunion

  1. Thank you for posting this. I've been thinking a lot about it too. I lover you. And I'm glad I get to live with you more before we both leave for a year and a half.

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