Tuesday Night

This is a very unusual Tuesday night. Wednesdays are normally my busiest days.
6-7 Wake up and Study?
8 Spanish Class
9 Read a kazillion pages before English class
10 English class
11 More English class
12 Lunch
12:30 Work
1 Work
2 Work
3 Choir
4 Class I TA for
5 Spanish Study Group
6 Blissful relaxation/clean my room
7 Dinner
8 ish Library
12 ish Sleep

Ya. See what I mean. So Tuesday night is normally full of me scrambling to be ready for Wednesday. However, I’m not doing any of that. Nothing. I finished my last exam this afternoon and so have no more school related responsibilities. It’s wonderful. I have to admit I’m kind of guilty seeing everyone sleep deprived and stressed around me and not taking any part of that. I’m going to work tomorrow and I have to finish some stuff up for Dr. Snyder, but other than that… Life is dang good.

I am now taking suggestions on books I should read over the break.


One thought on “Tuesday Night

  1. Read something by Ian McEwan. Ever since we heard him, I've been dying to do that. Maybe I will too. I hear Saturday is excellent. As is Atonement, I'm sure. Delicious. 🙂

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