Unraveling at the ends

Here is a list of things that I should have remembered and yet didn’t:

  1. Today is Wednesday, not Thursday.
  2. The choir is singing on Sunday. And we’re not ready to sing the song we started. Therefore, we will sing a hymn.
  3. I was supposed to cook dinner tonight. Well it’s cooked, it’s just not good. Which is fine.
  4. To pay rent
  5. To take my skirt to choir to be hemmed
  6. To put the sol fa on our Handel piece
  7. That my class’ papers ARE due next week.
  8. I’m sure there are others, but I really can’t recall them.

Things I’ve done well:

  1. I have read all of my English reading on time this week.
  2. I’m almost done with chapter 7 for Spanish and will spend three hours doing chapter 8 tonight.
  3. I watched general conference this weekend
  4. I know what songs they played at library closing for every night since sometime last week. Not sure when though. All the days have blended together.


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