Line upon line

A couple of months ago I posted a long complaint about my frustration with being human- how I could accomplish so much more if I just didn’t sleep. A few weeks later I posted some of the answers I’d received since then. Well I’m coming back to that strain.

Today my roommate Megan told me about her father and the path he took to law school. He completed his BS in Engineering, but when he started working he realized that he wanted to be doing something else. He settled on law. However, as he was looking at law schools and figuring out a plan to get there, he felt strongly impressed to take a job in Oklahoma. This job in Oklahoma provided him a year of rest in which he was able to be home with his family in the evenings and rejuvenate, enabling him to get through his years in law school.

A job in Oklahoma was not in the plan, but the Lord knew his capacities and was able to direct him in a way that facilitated his success. Heavenly Father does that for me too. Sometimes his directions make me stretch and grown through challenging experiences. But sometimes his plan for me includes times of rest. I don’t think he ever wants us to be lazy, but running before we are able helps no one either. A burnt out light bulb is no use to anyone regardless of the previous abilities it had.

He wants us to be successful in our endeavors, but most importantly in our endeavor to become more like him. He wants us to have the time and energy to do the basics. Like read scriptures, serve others, attend the temple regularly, and we can’t if we have 19 credit hours and 3 jobs and 7 children and 102 home renovation projects. All of these things are wonderful. School, work, children, creating a good living environment. But we overbook ourselves too much. As I’ve pondered this Fast Sunday I received a warning. Two amazing opportunities opened up this week: I am now the English 195 TA as well as a member of Women’s Chorus. These are huge and wonderful accomplishments and I feel profusely blessed to have received them. However, I know how easy it will be to get so focused with school and work and choir, that I forget what really matters. That I will crowd out the most important parts of my life with things of visible importance. My goal this semester is to remain constant in the foundational activities of reading scriptures, going to the temple, and being service minded. That I will be content in resting. And that I will not shrink away from the difficult things that my Heavenly Father gives me to do.

You know, it’s completely normal to learn in layers. No one can learn everything at once, which is why He gives it to us “line upon line”. How grateful I am that He continues teaching me when I continue thinking and listening.


One thought on “Line upon line

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I knew you'd get in to choir. And though I didn't know (because I didn't know the situation) you'd get the TA position, I figured you probably would. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Way to go, Idaho. Or, visitor of Idaho, rather. :)Thanks for your thoughts on learning gradually. I appreciated those. I told myself that I couldn't get distracted by anything until I finished my English Teaching App, which is why I've only blogged once since I've been here. But, I'm finishing it today, so I'll start up again.Love love love.

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