And there was rejoicing in the streets

I’m not one of those football people. If I have time and have access to free tickets, I’ll go to a football game and enjoy myself. But I don’t seek out the opportunities. I almost didn’t watch the BYU-OU game yesterday for this reason. But a few of my friends were going to parties so I figured I’d stop in and say hi. What ended up happening is we went to 5 consecutive parties running between them so I wouldn’t miss any plays. We won 14-13, scoring in the last 3 minuets of the game.

People at the WILK, in apartments having parties, sitting by themselves in front of their laptops all cheered simultaneously when we made that second touch down. And when the game was called and we were victorious there was rejoicing in the streets. Cars honking, cheering, random bouts of the BYU fight song…for hours. I think it finally started quieting down around 1 am. And that’s just because most of it moved to SLC airport to welcome the team home. It was insane.

Yesterday was also Katelyn’s birthday and the energy build-up from the game spilled over into her birthday party. I think there were at least 50 people there at one point or another stuffed into our tiny apartment. We played an intense game of “do you love your neighbor” and ultimate mafia that left me looking like a victim of domestic abuse. It kind of makes me want to throw a few more parties this year. Although that might be pushing our luck as far as broken furniture goes.


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