Summer Night

Last night was a quintessential summer night. It was warm with dusky light, and we had a bar-b-q with the boys from Washington 2 and a random guy named Dave who walked by our party and got sucked in. It was in celebration of G-Force’s return from Alaska and George and Jessie’s eminent departures to China and Austria respectively.

We sat around the picnic table for hours just talking and laughing and throwing around GRE vocabulary and passing around the cracker of friendship and eating a lot of meat, because the boys organized the party so there was a lot of meat. And I couldn’t help thinking to myself how lucky I am to be friends with so many awesome people. There wasn’t any stress or discomfort, just people having a good time enjoying each other’s company. And I’ve come to the conclusion that that is the best way to spend any night of the week.


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